Testimonials From Coquitlam Residents

Richard's work has had an impact throughout Coquitlam and other communities, and on the individuals who live there.  Below are some thoughts on Richard from the people who live in the community:

“Richard respects and values our historic community of Maillardville. He grew up here, and I’ve known him all his life. He has our strong support.”
- Jean Lambert, Maillardville Pioneer,Freedom-of-the-City recipient, Founder of francophone scouting in BC, and Richard’s former scout leader

“Richard’s passion for our community is evident in everything we’ve seen him undertake in the past six years. We need his strong management of our city now, more than ever. He’ll be responsible with our money and put residents ahead of special interest groups.”
- Jennifer Maier, Financial Planner and Coquitlam mother

“We need Richard's decision-making ability in the Mayor's office.  This is a great community, and Richard has what it takes to lead this community forward.”
- Lou Passaglia, BC Lion Football and longtime Coquitlam resident

“I’ve known Richard ever since he was elected as mayor. We couldn’t have a better person as mayor, and I’m sure I speak for the majority of Coquitlam residents when I say that I hope he is re-elected and continues to do a wonderful job.”
- Charles Hartner, long-time Coquitlam resident

“Richard does a great job for Coquitlam.  He has tremendous leadership skills, and has a unique ability to work with people from across the entire political spectrum - left to right - in building consensus.  That's a real skill, and is probably the absolute definition of a great Mayor.”
- Bob McNary, Freeman of the City, and longtime volunteer with service clubs, Special Olympics, and Coquitlam charities and arts/cultural organisations

“I will be supporting Richard for mayor. He’s done great things for Coquitlam, and he’s huge with social media. He always tells everyone what he’s doing, where he’s been, what he’s supporting in the community. I always look forward to learning about community events from him - it’s great to have a mayor so open about things like that!”
- Jackie Weinkam, Coquitlam resident

"Through my adult life I have lived in Alberta and Saskatchewan  and now for the past decade here in Coquitlam. Mayor Stewart is the only mayor that I've ever met because he circulates and enjoys attending the events put on by the citizens of Coquitlam. I was even surprised and happy to see him on my kids' first day of school, this past September; he was checking on the new Traffic Safety improvements the city had installed at our school and others. He definitely gets out and listens to people's concerns. That's why I am voting to re-elect Mayor Stewart on November 19."
– Joyce Watts, Coquitlam resident

"Coquitlam and Maillardville need more people like Richard. He really cares about his community, and has been a part of making Coquitlam better his whole life. We need to re-elect him as our Mayor.”
– Melissa Rougeau, Maillardville Resident

"Richard has always taken the time to listen...and 'Hear' concerns of Community. Moving forward, Richard takes with him three years of wisdom/experience that will fuel stronger 'Action' for Coquitlam and especially Youth - Our Future."
– Jerome Bouvier, Coquitlam resident

"Richard has brought respectful, effective leadership to the Mayor's office. He's made significant changes for the better in our community. I truly believe Coquitlam is a better place because Richard has been our mayor, and I'll be voting to ensure that he continues in this role!”
– Lori Munro, lifelong Coquitlam resident

“Three short years ago we elected Richard Stewart as our Mayor and he certainly was the positive change we needed. My husband and I have been residents of Coquitlam for decades. Others in the political field may also have the qualifications and or education, but none has the genuine dedication to his community, to his family and friends, and to the next generation that Richard has. Our Mayor encourages people to be engaged in important community decisions. Our Mayor attends most of the community events in our city. Our Mayor is very effective, capable of the tough decision making necessary to lead a community in the tough times ahead. We can't afford not to re-elect Mayor Stewart.”
– Terry & Tony Specken, Coquitlam residents

“I support Mayor Stewart because of his proven results and commitment to the city of Coquitlam.”
- Armin Rezaiean-Asel, Coquitlam resident and LORAN scholar

“I would vote for Richard Stewart because of his leadership. His proven leadership, his creative leadership, and above all, his strong leadership.”
- A long-time Coquitlam resident

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