Testimonials From Elected Officials & Candidates

Richard's work has had an impact throughout Coquitlam and other communities, and on the individuals who live there.  Council candidates and elected officials had this to say about Richard:

“Richard Stewart’s popularity as our Coquitlam Mayor is well deserved. His genuine interest in our community regularly surpasses expectations. He takes the time to understand issues, know the history, and gather insight, while always respecting different viewpoints. Richard is an exemplary public service leader.”
- Chuck Denison, DPAC43 President

“Richard Stewart has done a great job as Mayor in representing the city of Coquitlam. He is articulate and direct on issues facing our community, and builds respect across the region.”
- Brent Asmundson, Coquitlam Councillor

“As a Coquitlam resident I support Richard Stewart. Richard has been a good friend for all Coquitlam residents, he has been very supportive of all the communities, and his accessibility - the fact that people can reach him and see him definitely has a real impact on the quality of the services everyone gets from the City of Coquitlam.”
- Araz Rismani, strong community-involved citizen, former Council candidate 2011

“Richard’s leadership and communications skills and his pragmatic and balanced approach have provided real benefits at the regional level on transportation, planning, policing, and other issues, not only for his community but for the entire region.

As we face increasing challenges in the future, it is important that we work cooperatively with one another to ensure we have a sustainable and liveable region. I’ve enjoyed a good working relationship with Richard, as have other mayors in the region, and I believe Coquitlam has been well-served.”

- Dianne Watts, Surrey Mayor

“Thanks Richard, for being such a great ambassador for our city. I’m continually amazed at your energy. Not only are you constantly at meetings here in Coquitlam, you also represent us throughout the Lower Mainland AND find time to attend community events and special occasions. You’re doing a great job!”
- Barb Hobson, Former Chair - Board of School Trustees SD #43, and current Trustee candidate

“Richard, you are an amazing networker, both on-line and in person! Your willingness to communicate on issues, your dedication to our Tri-Cities communities, your advocacy for your city and individuals within it...these are just some of the qualities I have come to appreciate over the last few years."
- Elaine Willis, Community Advocate & Candidate, Anmore Council

“I believe in Mayor Stewart because he gets people engaged, and brings the diverse communities of Coquitlam together. Richard cares about the residents of Coquitlam - he does everything he can to restrain spending to make sure that taxes stay low.

Like many Coquitlam residents, I had to take the bus to work every day, and it took 90 minutes. However Richard was able to convince the other mayors of Metro Vancouver to support the Evergreen Line. He delivered. It was a promise that was made decades ago, and now thanks to Richard, it will be complete in 20 months!"

- Andy Shen, Coquitlam city council candidate

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