I’ve lived all my life here in Coquitlam, and I’ve never felt more optimism for the future of our community.

We’ve achieved a lot in the past six years, including enormous investment in transportation infrastructure, strong traffic-safety improvements, improved construction oversight (on-time, on-budget), new budget-management tools and processes, and new/expanded sports facilities, libraries, parks, etc.  

We’re also benefiting from lower crime, expanded cycling infrastructure, economic development, technological innovation in municipal services, a wide range of new affordable housing choices, and strong environmental stewardship. 

One of the reasons I ran for Mayor in 2008 was to try to break the 20-year stalemate on the promised Evergreen Line Skytrain to Coquitlam. I set out a new approach, building regional consensus and senior government support, so we could break the impasse.  We succeeded, and the line is now more than halfway built, on schedule for the 2016 Opening Day.  

We’ve also advanced a strong new vision for a renewed Riverview, including both state-of-the-art mental health and acute care facilities.  We’re making progress, with new mental health beds opening this month. This is a bold vision, one that will once again require the building of alliances and support across the region and province.  

Our success over the past six years has come by working with our neighbours and other Metro communities, and with senior levels of government, building consensus and cooperation, and by using innovation and technology to benefit our residents.  We’re building a new city for the coming generations.

My wife Anna Rosa – a Coquitlam teacher – and our four children (Christina, Vanessa, Matthew and Amanda) are part of the team. Please, join us.  There is much at stake as we look to keep Coquitlam moving forward.  

Richard Stewart, Mayor
City of Coquitlam

Richard’s leadership and solid track record has produced results!

We’ve achieved a lot in the past six years:

  • Ended the 20-year stalemate on the Evergreen Line; 
  • King Edward Overpass, a vital link to United Boulevard and our important industrial and job-creation lands;
  • A two-lane connection from United Blvd to Braid St, ending a 20-year single-lane impasse;
  • New processes for the city’s construction, with our capital projects now coming in on-time and on-budget;
  • New Poirier Sport and Leisure Complex;
  • Over 100 acres of new parkland, with much more planned;
  • A new City Centre Library, built at a savings of $20 million;
  • New Firehall for the Northeast, opening within months;
  • New sports facilities and an innovative covered dry-floor structure for community sports;
  • New solid-waste, organics and recycling program, which will result in strong environmental benefits, reduced human-wildlife conflicts, and savings to residents;
  • Partnerships with School District 43 for new schools and community amenities;
  • Innovative waste heat sharing technology installed in Poirier and City Centre civic precincts, resulting in significant GHG reductions and energy savings that will benefit future generations;
  • Successfully secured the 2016 BC Senior Games, coinciding with our 125th Anniversary;
  • Our proposed Homeless Shelter now approved and provincially-funded, and will open next year;
  • Full Internet broadcast (webcasting) of all City Council meetings, Public Hearings, etc.;
  • City-owned Fiber Optic through city streets, connecting both city services and commercial buildings (and a growing number of residential buildings) to low-cost high-speed communications – Internet, TV, Telecom – providing a real competitive advantage for Coquitlam business, and a bright future for our residents;
  • Strong new fiscal management processes, ensuring respect for every tax dollar;
  • Rebuilt city reserves and paid off city debt;
  • Cyclical Review of city operations, to identify cost efficiencies in each department;
  • In the past nine years, added 34 RCMP members and 42 firefighters, for enhanced public safety;
  • Reduced new budget demands every year for the past five years, through careful management.

Leadership Recognized

  • B.C. Small Business Roundtable's “Open for Business” Award 2013
  • BC Community Excellence Award for Civic Engagement
  • National Awards for City Finance Department for outstanding budgeting processes

What Richard Says about

Coquitlam’s Seniors

“Some of Coquitlam’s best services are provided by our two 50+ pavilions – Dogwood Pavilion and Glen Pine Pavilion. I started working at Dogwood 35 years ago, while I was a student at SFU. Dogwood was an amazing facility back then, and it’s even better today. We need to continue to support and expand our services to our seniors, and I commit that continued support.”

Coquitlam’s Families

“I want this community to be the very best place to raise a family. We’re investing in Coquitlam’s children, through such areas as sports, arts and culture, parks and open space, bike routes, etc. Our School Walkability Program is aimed at making our streets safer for our children – particularly near schools.”

Traffic Safety

“We need to improve traffic safety throughout our city. I want to see our residential areas protected from speeding and dangerous traffic, and that will require a concerted effort. And we need to keep truck routes out of residential neighbourhoods.”

Adopting Technology

“We live in an exciting time, a time when technology can assist our residents tremendously. We have embraced emerging technologies like fiber optic, wireless, geothermal, open data, webcasting, all aimed at making residents’ lives better.”

Our Environment

“Since I was elected Mayor, we’ve planted more than 11,000 trees, we’ve preserved more than 100 acres of new parks and green space, added 14 km of bike lanes. And we’re employed state-of-the-art waste-heat recovery technology in our Poirier complex and the City Hall precinct; both utilize advanced controls to recover and share excess heat from facilities/operations. Future generations will benefit tremendously.”

New Facilities

“Coquitlam is a growing city, and we need to be creative about providing new amenities. Creativity resulted in $20 million saved on our new library, it resulted in an extra Skytrain station (at Lincoln) completely funded by development. We have instituted new amenity charges for development (DCCs and CACs) to fund needed facilities for residents without using tax dollars. Covered tennis, ice rinks, theatre, community centres (as in Burquitlam) can all be funded creatively using proceeds from development, and saving the taxpayer enormously.”


Richard has a tremendous consensus-building leadership style; he builds consensus through dialogue, listening, and finding solutions that work. And the results provide real benefit to Coquitlam residents.

“A stalemate is where nobody wins. Building consensus means finding ways in which everyone wins.” – Mayor Richard Stewart

Evergreen Line Skytrain

“One of the main reasons I ran for Mayor in 2008 was that I wanted to break the 20-year stalemate on the promised Evergreen Line to Coquitlam, a project that had come to be known as the “Nevergreen Line”. We needed a new approach, building consensus across the region while building support with senior levels of government. We achieved it, and our Skytrain line is now more than halfway built, on schedule for the 2016 Opening Day. There are still many details to be worked out on how this important infrastructure will integrate with our community, and we need to work with the Province and TransLink to address these issues.”

Riverview Lands

“The 244-acre Riverview Hospital heritage site has a 100-year history of serving BC in mental health and wellness. I have always believed that we could find a way to renew this site for mental health. Working with the Province of BC, we’ve finally achieved a unique land use planning process to examine the future of this treasured site. Earlier in 2014, Coquitlam advanced a widely-supported vision for a Coquitlam Health Campus on the site, including both a state-of-the-art mental health and addictions treatment, and an acute care hospital to serve our community’s aging population. This is a bold vision, one that will require consensus-building and the nurturing of alliances and support across the region and province. And there is reason for optimism; this month will see the re-opening of the first Riverview building – Hillside – for the kind of service we proposed. This, together with the opening of our Coquitlam Homeless Shelter in a few months, will help address homelessness and addictions in our community. Through that collaboration, I believe we can finally achieve certainty for our residents who are very passionate about both mental health and the Riverview Lands. Stand with me as we pursue this vision of a real partnership.”

 A Great City, A Bright Future

Richard’s strong leadership has united Council to ensure that our city continues to move forward sustainably and affordably. He has demonstrated tremendous passion for his community, unparalleled energy and enthusiasm, and outstanding commitment to democracy and public engagement. He brings to the Mayor’s office a sound knowledge of the history of this region, deep compassion for its residents, a solid business background, and the skills to build solid partnerships for the investments we need to secure. His communications and negotiation skills have served us well, and have increased the level of respect and knowledge of Coquitlam’s perspective across the Tri-Cities and Metro Vancouver, as well as with senior governments.

Coquitlam has a very bright future. And we want to keep that future bright. Let’s re-elect Mayor Richard Stewart.


- Authorized by Jennifer Maier, Financial Agent  -

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