Major Investments in Public Safety

There is nothing more important than community safety.  In the past nine years, we’ve added 34 police officers and 42 firefighters (a 25% increase in both), providing real safety benefits for our residents. 

In policing, Coquitlam is celebrated for our very successful Crime Reduction Strategy, which has contributed to a remarkable 26% decrease in crime.  The Coquitlam RCMP Detachment’s Prolific Offender team is renowned for its success in keeping criminals behind bars, by targeting the very few individuals in any community who are responsible for the vast majority of crime.  Our residents have reason to feel safer today, and we will continue to invest in a safer Coquitlam.  

Richard also initiated a traffic safety program, beginning with schools.  When Richard was President of DPAC 43 (District Parent Advisory Council for School District 43), he initiated a large-scale survey of parents, teachers, administrators and students on the subject of traffic safety around schools.  A year later, as the new Mayor, he pushed for a systematic review of the major traffic and pedestrian risks around our school properties.  School by school, we’ve tacked those risks; with new sidewalks, crosswalks, signals and signage, curb extensions, etc., more children can now safely walk to school.  Richard now wants us to accelerate and expand that program to middle and high schools, and to other areas where pedestrians are at risk. 

And Richard strongly supports a well-equipped Fire and Rescue Department.  We’ve expanded Town Centre Firehall, we’re building a new Firehall in the Northeast, and we’re investing in the equipment needed so our firefighters can do their job safely and effectively.  With 42 new firefighters, and a strong volunteer/auxiliary complement, our residents can count on Coquitlam Fire and Rescue. 


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