Parks & Mountain Biking

Outdoor Parks Amenities

We live in a tremendously beautiful part of the world, and we need to continue to expand the way is that our residents going to enjoy the outdoors. And one way to do that is to install outdoor exercise equipment. These facilities allow residents to work out in the outdoors, near other public park amenities. 

“I know of many moms or dads who will bring their children to the Town Centre playground, and then hop on the adjacent exercise bike for a workout while their children get their own form of exercise. I want to see this kind of facility in many of our parks, and I have approached local businesses who have expressed an interest in sponsoring or funding this kind of outdoor exercise equipment for the good of the community.” - Richard 

We’ve also added four outdoor tables for the popular sport of table tennis.  We’ve constructed trails for walking and hiking, we’ve revamped the popular Coquitlam Crunch, and we’re always looking for new ways to encourage our residents to stay active. 

Mountain Biking - A Coquitlam Advantage 

One of the most spectacular activities in our community, and one which many residents know little about, is mountain biking.  Coquitlam is an amazingly popular venue for mountain bikers from across the region. 
Coquitlam’s Burke Mountain is widely known across the region and even internationally for some of the most amazing mountain bike trails. Mountain biking is a wonderful sport, available to ages, one which celebrates the natural environment that in which we live. 
Coquitlam is working on the expansion of mountain bike opportunities, particularly for young people who are beginning to learn about this wonderful sport. For example, we have just completed a new mountain bike training facility on the east edge of Mundy Park, adjacent to Mariner and Chilco.  This new facility allows young riders to try out their skills and develop their ability to ride through and over obstacles. 
And across the street from that facility, in Riverview Forest, the large network of mountain bike trails will soon be expanded with the help of local mountain bike groups. Young riders will be able to learn on the obstacle course, and then practice in the forest right across the street. 
Mountain biking offers Coquitlam a significant tourism advantage; hundreds of mountain bikers visit our community every week to experience our trails and to patronize local businesses. We can continue to expand that amenity for our local residents and for visitors to our community. 


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