Fiscal Responsibility: Strong Budgeting Leads to $50 Million in Savings for Taxpayers

We need to continue to hold the line on taxes, and to make the most of every tax dollar to deliver services to our residents. We’ve reduced new budget demands every year for the past five years through careful management, while securing millions in non-tax revenue, development charges, senior government funding, etc.  

We’ve improved efficiency through tough new budgeting mechanisms aimed at reviewing the city’s operations, and finding more cost-effective ways to deliver city services.  Our budget process has won national awards.  In addition, we’re finding partnerships – often with senior governments – that can help reduce costs to our taxpayers.   

A focus on prudent financial processes and innovative project management/financing has produced REAL results, including $50+ million in capital savings on new projects.  Plus, improved relationships with senior governments resulted in almost $30 million in infrastructure grants for important local projects, in addition to about $4 billion in transportation infrastructure investments in our city.  Remarkable benefits to taxpayers. 

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