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The Short and Sweet

Richard has lived all his life here in Coquitlam.  He has participated in almost every facet of our community, from sports to Scouts, arts and theatre to economic development, schools, special needs, music and arts, environment, aboriginal dialogue, and services for seniors.

He has worked with service groups, arts and cultural organizations, his church, the Chamber of Commerce, schools and PACs, sports organizations, environmental groups, and the many charities and foundations that work to improve our community every day.

For most of his adult life, Richard has worked on the development of excellent public policy at all levels of government.  He has worked on policy committees related to affordable housing, consumer protection, and public safety at the National and Provincial levels.  He published/edited a magazine on sustainable and affordable housing technologies and community design, and consulted on public policy in those areas here in Canada and on four continents.

Richard is bilingual (with a French-Canadian mother), which is a tremendous asset for the mayor of a city with such a significant francophone community, Maillardville.  And, as a lifelong student of languages, Richard represents his City well in many different cultures.

Richard's family is fully involved.  Richard and his wife Anna-Rosa, a Coquitlam teacher, have four children who have grown up and attended school in the community.  His family keeps busy with the rich diversity of activities that Coquitlam offers - on the field, on stage, in the park, on ice, in the band, on the trail, or in the pool!

Ok, that should be enough for most.  But in case it isn’t . . .

The Long and Boring

Current Role

Richard was elected to Coquitlam City Council in 2005, and has been Mayor since 2008.  Currently, in addition to his role as Mayor, Richard is:

  • Chair of the city’s Strategic Priorities Administration and Protective Services Standing Committee
  • Chair of the City’s new Economic Development and Investment Advisory Panel
  • Director on the Metro Vancouver Board of Directors 

At the Regional level, Richard serves on:

  • Metro Vancouver Mayors’ Committee, addressing a wide range of regional issues
  • Metro Vancouver Transportation Committee, addressing much of the regional public policy around transportation – both infrastructure and operation.
  • Vice-Chair of the Regional Utilities Committee, addressing such regional services as drinking water supply (water sourcing, storage, treatment via UV and filtration, and distribution of drinking water across the region) and wastewater treatment (the collection, primary and secondary treatment of the region’s wastewater sewage before discharge)
  • Regional Planning and Agriculture Committee (addressing the Regional Growth Strategy, and the molding together of the Official Community Plans of 22 local jurisdictions that make up Metro Vancouver)
  • Mayors' Council on Regional Transportation, working to advance improved transit and transportation plan for the region, and to ensure that TransLink better meets the needs of the region’s residents
  • Provincially, participates fully in the BC Mayors’ Caucus.

Learn more about the results Richard has achieved as Mayor.

Professional Background

Richard brings to his role a long history of public service and enormous public policy experience, both in elected office and as a widely respected professional on public policy, legislation, regulation, etc. 

As a Government Relations professional, Richard became known for the development of pragmatic, simple, and effective public policy,

  • working with all levels of government – locally, regionally, provincially, federally, and indeed around the world;
  • drafting regulations, legislation and bylaws and establishing workable and effective public policy in a wide range of fields;
  • designing and establishing extensive public consultation processes on a variety of issues, for both governments and NGOs.

From 1986 – 1994, Richard was publisher/editor of a successful trade magazine dealing with sustainable building technologies.

Richard has also served as:

  • Chair of the National Housing Economic Research Council Canada
  • Member of the BC Minister's Advisory Council on Affordable Housing
  • President of the Canadian Home Builders Association of B.C.
  • Member at Institute for Research in Construction (IRC) at National Research Council Canada (NRCC), including 10 years on NRC’s Standing Committee on Housing
  • Member of National and BC Building Code Committees
  • Member of the Executive for Lower Mainland Local Government Association

In 2001, Richard was elected MLA for Coquitlam-Maillardville (2001-2005); he was named to the

  • GCC on the Economy
  • Chair of the Select Standing Committee on Education
  • Committee to exame the future of Burrard Thermal Generating Plant
  • Assigned the portfolio MLA Responsible for Francophone Affairs 


Richard was born and raised in Coquitlam, and has lived all his life in this city.  In his younger days, he worked for a number of years as a City employee in a variety of positions, beginning as a lifeguard in 1976.  He is bilingual (English and French), knows some Italian and Spanish, and enjoys learning some of Coquitlam’s other languages including Korean, Mandarin, and Persian/Farsi.  His Tagalog (Filipino) needs work.

Richard has served in a variety of roles in community, amateur sport, and church organizations.  He has taught music, coached sports, planted trees, organized events, raised money for causes, and embraced every aspect of our community all his life.  He refuses to allow us to talk about the awards he's won or the recognition he's received (including the 2011 Provincial award naming Richard one of "BC's Top 20 Most Influential Leaders in Housing", acknowledging Richard's 25 years advocating for improved affordable housing choices for families, seniors, etc.). 

Richard has also served as President of School District 43’s District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC), as a Trustee on the Coquitlam Public Library Board, on a city Advisory Design Panel, and on Housing Committees at the local government level.

Richard and his wife (of over 30 years) Anna Rosa have four children – Christina, Vanessa, Matthew and Amanda.  He loves animals, enjoys swimming and biking, loves music and art, and is a prolific writer.

If you need to know more than this, just ask him.  :)


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