We Did It!

We did it!!On November 19, 2011, Richard was re-elected as Mayor of Coquitlam! 

Watch Richard as he hears the final poll numbers that confirm him as Mayor, and as he thanks those who supported his campaign - and will support him over the next three years.

Congratulations Richard, and thanks again to his many supporters - everyone who volunteered on his campaign, cast a vote for him, or simply offered a positive word.

We look forward to a positive and productive term in office.

Voting for Youth

Are you waiting on the world to change??  Because if you're 18, you have the right to vote, and you can help change your world - locally - one vote at a time.  Voting takes a few minutes and a quick registration with two pieces of ID at the polling station.  Citizens in other countries are willing to fight and to protest for their right to vote, so make sure you exercise YOUR right! 

Richard has a few words to say to youth in his latest video.

The People's Mayor

people's mayorWhy is Richard Stewart considered 'the people's mayor'?  Is it because he's always out and about in the community

Perhaps the words of the people can help explain.

Multicultural Connections

Richard Welcomes You! - Farsi & KoreanRichard welcomes participation and input from multicultural groups in Coquitlam, and has played an active role in many cultural events.  If you're fluent, please read this Korean article about Richard, information in Chinese, or this recent advertisement in Farsi.

Tri-Cities Profile Video

Richard was recently interviewed by host Paul Sundher on Tri-Cities Profile, Tri-Cities Community Television's newest program, airing on Shaw Television. 

Watch this wide-ranging discussion covering everything from the accomplishments of the past several years, the current campaign, and being Mayor (bear??) Aware. 

Tri-City News - Thank You!

Richard placed an ad in the October 28 Tri-City News, thanking those who played a role in such a successful campaign office Grand Opening, and inviting Coquitlam residents to engage in the future of their city by getting involved in this election campaign!

Click the ad to view a larger version.

It was definitely a very GRAND opening!

Thanks to everyone who joined us at the grand opening of our campaign office at Barnet and Falcon. 

We had more than 500 guests who came to celebrate Coquitlam continuing to move forward. Also, a very special Thank You to such a great campaign team! 

Photo by Amanda Stewart, age 14.

Campaign Office Grand Opening

Join us on Saturday, October 22, 2011 as Mayor Stewart opens his big, bright, beautiful campaign office with other members of Council & candidates. Bring your family & friends and your enthusiasm for Coquitlam!

Drop by for some great conversation, hot dogs, balloons & beverages any time from 1:00 to 4:00. The ribbon cutting will take place at 2:30.  This event celebrates the start of an exciting, positive, and respectful campaign! Please join us!

2565 Barnet Highway (at Falcon) MAP

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